Image first published by The Star and then The Daily Mail.

Cee Lo Green is “an American singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer and actor“. Green has been arrested on multiple occasions for violence against women. His first criminal charge was for domestic violence. He pled no contest to the charge and received probation for 13 months. Green then went on to be an extremely successful artist as part of Gnarls Barkley and as a solo artist. His history of domestic violence was not an impediment to his careers as he was the co-writer of the PussyCat Doll’s smash hit ‘Don cha’. The single Crazy was released the following year to critical acclaim. He won a Grammy for his song Forget You (the radio edit of Fuck You), which has become a pop culture phenomenon. And, Green has made a fortune in advertising revenue, as well as his income from appearances in various reality TV programs and films including Hotel Transylvania.

In 2012, Green was accused of rape. He was not charged with the crime as prosecutors felt there was “insufficient evidence”. Instead, Green pled no contest to supplying ecstasy.

Green did face unexpected consequences when he was axed from The Voice and TSB canceled his show ‘The Good Life’. The “U.S. Navy-sponsored Freedom Live concert … and the Gretna Heritage Festival in Louisiana” both canceled Green’s scheduled concerts that year. Green was also replaced in the film Hotel Transylvania 2, which first aired in 2015.


Irresponsible Media Coverage:

  1. Daily Mail referred to Green’s first arrest as his ‘troubled past’.
  2. E News discussed his ‘tumultuous past”.
  3. Billboard refers to the above tweets as ‘questionable’.
  4. Daily Mail felt that Green’s attire was a reasonable headline for an article on the trial.


Jeremy Gordon at Spin demonstrated how journalists should report Green’s history of violence, especially since Green is attempting a comeback.



2001: arrested for domestic violence against his then wife Christina Johnson. He was charged with ‘simple assault (family violence)’ and ‘disorderly conduct’, but released on bail.

2001: Green arrested for failing to attend the court date for domestic violence. He then pled no contest and received probation for 13 months, as well as being required to attend domestic violence classes and random drug tests.

2004: Christina Johnson filed for divorced citing ‘mental and physical cruelty’.

2013:  Arrested for ‘furnishing a controlled substance’ in an incident in July 2012. Prosecutors chose not to charge Green with the alleged rape of the victim due to ‘insufficient evidence’  

2014: Green pled no contest to a felony count of supplying ecstasy and was sentenced to 3 years probation and 45 days of community service.

2014: Green celebrated his ‘success’ at not being charged with rape with this: