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Male Violence & Celebrity Culture

Athletes & International Sports Industry

  1. Marv Albert (sportscaster): pled guilty to misdemeanor count of assault and battery.
  2. Rodney Anderson (Oklahoma football): allegation of sexual assault 
  3. Steve Austin (professional wrestler): arrested for domestic violence
  4. Matthew Berry (ESPN fantasy football analyst): allegations of sexual harassment& inappropriate behaviour
  5. George Best (footballer): allegations of domestic violence
  6. Sepp Blatter (former FIFA president): allegation of sexual harassment
  7. Jim Brown (American footballer, actor, producer): arrested for domestic violence
  8. Kobe Bryant (basketball player): an allegation of rape
  9. Jose Cansesco (baseball player): arrested for domestic violence
  10. Rae Carruth (NFL): convicted of conspiracy to murder his wife
  11. Bikram Choudhury (yoga guru): multiple allegations of sexual assault and rape
  12. Stan Collymore (football): allegations of domestic violence
  13. Alex Da Silva (celebrity dance instructor): convicted of rape and sexual assault
  14. Eric Davis (former American footballer & suspended radio host): under investigation for sexual harassment
  15. Heath Evans (former NFL player & media commentator): allegation of sexual harassment
  16. Marshall Faulk (former NFL player): allegation of sexual harassment 
  17. Larry Fitzgerald (American footballer): domestic violence
  18. John Flanagan (English footballer): domestic violence
  19. Paul Gascoigne (footballer): allegations of domestic violence
  20. Alex Gilady (International Olympic Committee member): 2 allegations of rape & allegations of ‘sexual misconduct’
  21. Dwight Gooden (baseball player): arrested for domestic violence
  22. Santonia Holmes (American football player): multiple arrests for domestic violence
  23. Allen Iverson (basketball): “threw his naked wife out of the house during an argument”
  24. Adam Johnson (footballer): child sexual abuse
  25. Danny Jordaan (Former South African soccer association president): 1 allegation of rape
  26. Jason Kidd (basketball player): arrested for domestic violence
  27. Brandon Marshall (american football player): allegations of domestic violence
  28. Floyd Mayweather (boxer): multiple allegations of domestic violence
  29. Donovan McNabb (former NFL quarterback & radio host): allegation of sexual harassment and sexual assault
  30. Warren Moon (former NFL player): allegation of sexual harassment
  31. Randy Moss (American footballer): allegations of domestic violence
  32. Larry Nassar (doctor for Gymnastics USA): pled guilty to possessing  images of children being sexually abused, more than 130 allegations of sexual assault.
  33. Chad Ochocinco (American footballer) arrested for domestic violence
  34. George Ormond (former Newcastle United coach): multiple allegations of sexual abuse
  35. Tito Ortez (UFC): arrested for domestic violence
  36. Oscar Pistorius (athlete): domestic violence and murder 
  37. Manny Ramirez (baseball player): arrested for domestic violence
  38. Ray Rice (American footballer): domestic violence
  39. Jerry Richardson (owner of Carolina Panthers): allegations of sexual harassment & use of a racial slur
  40. Rich Rodriguez  (former University of Arizona head football coach): fired following allegation of sexual harassment
  41. Dennis Rodman (basketball player): domestic violence
  42. Ben Roethlisberger (NFL): allegations of sexual assault
  43. Miguel Sano (baseball player for the Minnesota Twins): allegation of sexual assault
  44. Warren Sapp: (former NFL player): allegations of sexual harassment
  45. OJ Simpson (American footballer): domestic violence and murder
  46. Bruno Souza: (soccer player): jailed for 22 years for ordering the kidnap and murder of his girlfriend, who was dismembered and fed to his pet dogs
  47. Darryl Strawberry (baseball player): arrested for domestic violence
  48. Ike Taylor (former NFL player & media analyst): allegation of sexual harassment
  49. Mike Tyson (boxer): domestic violence & rape
  50. Al Unser jr. (race car driver) arrested for domestic violence
  51. Rasheed Wallace (basketball player): arrested for domestic violence
  52. Jamies Winston (NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers): allegation of sexual assault
  53. Gregg Zaun (former major league baseball player & media host): multiple allegations of “inappropriate behaviour”
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