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Male Violence & Celebrity Culture

Business & Industry

  1. Joe Alexander (former chief creative officer at The Martin Agency): multiple allegations of sexual harassment
  2. Andre Balazs (celebrity hotelier): sexual assault
  3. Gavin Baker (Fidelity Investments): fired due to allegation of sexual assault
  4. Mario Batali (chef): multiple allegations of sexual misconduct
  5. Sepp Blatter (former FIFA president): allegation of sexual harassment
  6. Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Group): allegation of sexual harassment
  7. Justin Caldbeck (venture firm capitalist): company collapsed following 6 allegations of sexual assault
  8. Giuseppe Castellano (Penguin Random House director): 1 allegation of sexual harassment
  9. Max Clifford (publicist): multiple counts of sexual assault and child sexual abuse
  10. David Corn (editor & chief executive at Mother Jones): allegations of “inappropriate workplace behaviour
  11. Andrew Creighton (president of Vice Media – now suspended): allegations of sexual harassment
  12. Andrew Duncan (film producer): allegations of sexual harassment
  13. Jeff Fenster ( executive vice president of Warner Bros. Records): currently under investigation by WBR following allegations of sexual harassment
  14. Harold Ford Jr. (Former Democratic Congressman): fired by Morgan Stanley for “sexual misconduct”
  15. Ken Friedman (restaurateur): multiple allegations of sexual harassment
  16. Mike Germano (chief digital officer suspended by Vice Media): allegations of sexual harassment
  17. Tyler Grasham (agent): allegations of sexual abuse
  18. Paul Haggis (producer): multiple allegations of sexual harassment
  19. Charlie Hallowell (chef): 17 allegations of sexual harassment
  20. John Heely (director of music publishing at Disney): charged with three felony counts of child abuse
  21. Jeff Herman (Hollywood attorney): allegation of rape
  22. Dylan Howard (chief content officer at American Media Inc.): multiple allegations of sexual misconduct
  23. Steve Jurvetson (Co-founder of a venture capital firm, board member of Tesla & SpaceX): multiple allegations of “sexual misconduct”
  24. Jonathon King (music mogul): child rape
  25. Andrew Kramer (former COO of Lionsgate International): allegation of sexual harassment
  26. John Lasseter (head of Pixar and Walt Disney Animations Studios): taking a “leave of absence” following multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault
  27. Stan Lee (Marvel Comics/ Films): allegations of sexual harassment
  28. Benny Medina (manager): allegation of attempted rape
  29. Shervin Pishevar (Uber investor): multiple allegations of “sexual misconduct”
  30. Jerry Richardson (owner of Carolina Panthers): allegations of sexual harassment & use of a racial slur
  31. Andy Rubin (Essential founder and CEO): left Google in 2014 after an investigation into an “inappropriate relationship” with a subordinate.
  32. Roy Price (former head of Amazon Studios): allegation of sexual harassment
  33. Charles Saatchi (advertising executive): domestic violence
  34. Randy Savage (mega church pastor): gets standing ovation from congregation for “admitting” to sexual assault
  35. Robert Scoble (tech blogger and evangelist): multiple allegations of sexual assault
  36. Russell Simmons ( Def Jam Recordings, CEO of Rush Communications): allegations of sexual assault
  37. Lockhart Steele (fired by Vox Media): multiple allegations of sexual harassment
  38. Lorin Stein (resigned as editor of Paris Review): multiple allegations of sexual harassment
  39. Jeremy Tooker (Four Barrel Coffee Founder): allegations of sexual harassment and sexual abuse
  40. Adam Venit (manager): allegation of sexual harassment and sexual assault
  41. Eric Weinberger (former NFL Network executive): allegation of sexual harassment and sexual assault
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