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Male Violence & Celebrity Culture

Film & TV Industry

  1. Chris Albrecht (film producer & director): arrested for domestic violence
  2. Woody Allen (Academy Award winning writer, actor & director): allegations of child sexual abuse
  3. Hadrian Belove (co-founder CineFamily): multiple allegations of “sexual misconduct”
  4. Jim Brown (American footballer, actor, producer): arrested for domestic violence
  5. Charlie Chaplin (actor, director): allegations of sexual exploitation of teenage girls
  6. Shadie Elnashai (Cinefamily): allegations of “sexual misconduct”
  7. Devin Faraci (film writer, former editor-in-chief of Birth.Movies.Death): allegation of sexual assault
  8. Gary Goddard, (producer and writer): allegation of child sexual abuse and rape
  9. David Guillod (producer): multiple allegations of sexual assault
  10. Andy Henry (casting employee fired by CSI): allegations of sexual harassment
  11. Alfred Hitchcock (director): allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault
  12. Alphy Hoffman (Owner of Alphy’s Soda Pop Club in Hollywood): allegation of child sexual abuse
  13. Peter Aalbaek Jensen (producer): multiple allegations of sexual harassment
  14. Andrew Kramer (former COO of Lionsgate International): allegation of sexual harassment
  15. Andrew Kreisberg (producer): allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment.
  16. Louis B. Mayer (producer): allegation of sexual harassment and sexual assault
  17. Jason Mojica (film producer for Vice): allegation of sexual harassment 
  18. Jason James Murphy (former production assistant at Nickelodeon): sentenced to 6 years in prison after pleading no contest in 2004 to two felony counts involving sexual exploitation of children
  19. Rick Najera (writer, producer, CBS Diversity Director): allegations of sexual harassment
  20. Roman Polanski (director):  multiple allegations of child sexual abuse rape & 1 conviction
  21. Brent Ratner (producer): multiple allegations of sexual harassment and rape
  22. Charlie Rose (TV host & journalist): multiple allegations of sexual harassment & sexual assault
  23. Geoffrey Rush (actor): allegations of sexual harassment
  24. Victor Salva (director): child sexual abuse
  25. Mark Schwahn (One Tree Hill): allegations of sexual harassment
  26. Bryan Singer (director): allegations of sexual abuse 
  27. John Singleton (director): arrested for domestic violence & allegation of sexual harassment
  28. James Toback (film producer): multiple allegations of sexual assault and harassment 
  29. Bob Villard (child manager):  multiple allegations of possessing images of children being sexually abused, tortured and raped & pled guilty to sexual abuse of a child
  30. Lars Von Trier (director): allegation of sexual harassment
  31. Ben Weinstein (producer): one allegation of sexual harassment
  32. Harvey Weinstein (producer): multiple allegations of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and rape
  33. Marty Weiss (former manager of child actors): convicted child sex offender
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