Everyone Knew

Male Violence & Celebrity Culture

Music Industry


  1. William Bensussen : (music producer known as Gaslamp Killer): 2 allegations of rape
  2. Heathcliffe Berru (music publicist): allegations of sexual harassment & sexual assault
  3. Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Group): allegation of sexual harassment
  4. Alex Calder (singer-songwriter): allegation of sexual assault
  5. Sean Carlson (founder of the Los Angeles music festival FYF Fest): multiple allegations of sexual harassment & sexual assault
  6. Don Cornelius (Soul Train host): arrested for domestic violence
  7. Dr Dre (music producer): allegations of domestic violence
  8. Jeff Fenster ( executive vice president of Warner Bros. Records): currently under investigation by WBR following allegations of sexual harassment
  9. Kim Fowley (music producer): allegations of sexual harassmentment & rape
  10. Jian Ghomeshi (CBC radio host; writer, Moxy Furious): multiple allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault
  11. Dr Luke (producer): allegation of sexual harassment & sexual assault
  12. Charles Dutoit (artistic director and principal conductor of London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra): allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct
  13. John Heely (director of music publishing at Disney): charged with three felony counts of child abuse
  14. Eric Alexander Hewitt (professor at Boston Conservatory): multiple allegations of sexual harassment
  15. Jonathon King (music mogul): child rape
  16. James Levine (music director of Metropolitan Opera; suspended) multiple allegations of sexual “misconduct:
  17. Jeff Melanson, (former president & CEO of of Toronto Symphony Orchestra): coercive control & allegations of sexual harassment 
  18. Tommy Mottola (music producer & former head of Sony Music): coercive control 
  19. John Peel (radio DJ) : allegations of child sexual exploitation
  20. L.A. Reid (producer & Sony music exec.): allegations of sexual harassment
  21. Russell Simmons ( Def Jam Recordings, CEO of Rush Communications): allegations of sexual assault
  22. Phil Spector (music producer, singer, songwriter): domestic violence, kidnapping & femicide
  23. David Lee Travis (radio DJ): indecent assault
  24. Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols): murder of his partner
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