Everyone Knew

Male Violence & Celebrity Culture


  1. Eric Davis (former American footballer & suspended radio host): under investigation for sexual harassment
  2. Jian Ghomeshi (CBC radio host; writer, Moxy Furious): multiple allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault
  3. Stuart Hall (BBC broadcaster): sexual assault
  4. Rolf Harris (BBC presenter): child sexual abuse
  5. John Hockenberry (radio / journalist): multiple allegations of sexual harassment
  6. Garrison Keillor (US author and radio host): fired by station due to “inappropriate behaviour”
  7. Leonard Lopate (New York Public Radio): suspended due to multiple allegations of sexual assault
  8. Norman Pattiz (University of California regent and radio mogul): allegations of sexual harassment
  9. John Peel (radio DJ) : allegations of child sexual exploitation
  10. Warren Sapp: (former NFL player): allegations of sexual harassment
  11. Jimmy Savile (DJ, television host): multiple allegations of rape, child rape & child sexual abuse
  12. Jonathan Schwartz (New York Public Radio): suspended following multiple allegations of sexual assault
  13. Bernie Ward (radio DJ): sentenced to 7 years in prison for possessing images of children being sexually assaulted, raped, and tortured
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