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Male Violence & Celebrity Culture


  1. John Besh (celebrity chef): allegations of sexual harassment
  2. Brian Bonsell (child actor): domestic violence
  3. Nicholas Brendon (actor): multiple arrests for domestic violence
  4. Don Burke (Australian television presenter): multiple allegations of sexual harassment and bullying
  5. Gary Busey (actor & reality TV star): allegations of domestic violence and sexual harassment
  6. James Caan (actor): arrested for domestic violence
  7. Stephen Collins( actor): allegations of child sexual abuse
  8. Don Cornelius (Soul Train host): arrested for domestic violence
  9. Bill Cosby (actor): multiple allegations of rape and sexual harassment
  10. Alex Da Silva (celebrity dance instructor): convicted of rape and sexual assault
  11. Jim Davidson (comedian): allegations of domestic violence
  12. Johnny Depp: (actor) allegations of domestic violence
  13. Andy Dick (actor): allegations of sexual harassment
  14. Louis C.K (comedian & actor): multiple allegations of sexual assault
  15. Josh Duggar (reality TV star): allegations of child sexual abuse
  16. Steve Edward (former host of Good day LA): reportedly fired following allegations of sexual harassment
  17. Al Franken (writer, comedian, US senator, TV host): allegation of sexual harassment and sexual assault
  18. Edward Furlong (actor): multiple convictions for domestic violence
  19. Flavor Flav (Public Enemy & Reality TV star): domestic violence
  20. Lane Garrison (actor): multiple allegations of domestic violence. convicted of vehicular manslaughter
  21. Ceelo Green (singer, actor, music producer): domestic violence and an allegation of rape
  22. Don Harmon (Community and Rick and Morty creator): allegations of ‘workplace misconduct’
  23. Richard Hatch (reality TV star): allegations of domestic violence
  24. Jeremy Jackson (child actor): multiple allegations of domestic violence & assault
  25. Jeffrey Jones (actor): child sexual exploitation
  26. Larry King (TV host & journalist): allegation of sexual assault
  27. Robert Knepper (actor): allegation of sexual harassment
  28. Jared Leto (actor): multiple allegations of rape
  29. Constantine Maroulis (reality TV contestant & actor): domestic violence
  30. Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath & reality TV star): domestic violence
  31. Sasha Mitchell (TV personality): domestic violence
  32. T.J. Miller (comedian): allegation of sexual misconduct
  33. Harry Morgan (actor): allegation of domestic violence
  34. Carter Oosterhouse (HGTV host): allegation of sexual misconduct 
  35. Jeremy Piven (actor): allegation of sexual assault
  36. Paul Reubens (actor): indecent exposure
  37. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (actor): allegations of domestic violence
  38. Mark Salling (actor): owning images of child rape and torture
  39. Jimmy Savile (radio DJ, TV host): multiple allegations of rape, child rape & child sexual abuse
  40. Steven Seagal (actor): multiple allegations of domestic violence & sexual harassment
  41. Charlie Sheen (actor): multiple allegations of domestic violence 
  42. Jeremy Tambor (actor): allegation of sexual harassment
  43. Phillip Michael Thomas (actor):  allegation of domestic violence.
  44. Jonathon Togo (actor): domestic violence
  45. John Travolta (actor): allegation of sexual assault
  46. Jan-Michael Vincent (actor): domestic violence 
  47. Dieter Wedel  (German television director): multiple allegations of sexual assault
  48. Matthew Weiner (creator of Mad Men): allegation of sexual harassment
  49. Ed Westwick (actor): multiple allegations of rape and sexual assault
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