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Male Violence & Celebrity Culture


  1. Ben Affleck (Academy Award winning writer, actor & director): multiple allegations of sexual harassment
  2. Casey Affleck (Academy Award winning actor): allegations of sexual harassment
  3. Woody Allen (Academy Award winning writer, actor & director): allegations of child sexual abuse
  4. Aziz Ansari (Golden Globe winning actor for “Master of None): allegation of sexual assault
  5. Scott Baio (Actor): allegation of sexual abuse of a minor
  6. Christian Bale (Academy award winning actor): arrest for domestic violence
  7. John Barrymore( actor): domestic violence
  8. Robert Blake (actor): found culpable for the wrongful death of his wife
  9. Josh Brolin (Actor): domestic violence
  10. Jim Brown (American footballer, actor, producer): arrested for domestic violence
  11. Gary Busey (actor & reality TV star): allegations of domestic violence and sexual harassment
  12. James Caan (actor): arrested for domestic violence
  13. Nicholas Cage (actor): domestic violence
  14. Charlie Chaplin (actor, director): allegations of sexual exploitation of teenage girls
  15. Justin Lee Collins (comedian): harassment, stalking and domestic violence
  16. Sean Connery (actor): domestic violence
  17. Bill Cosby (actor): multiple allegations of rape and sexual harassment
  18. Kevin Costner (actor): allegations of sexual harassment
  19. Dileep (actor): charged with kidnapping & sexual assault
  20. James Deen (actor in pornography): allegations of rape
  21. Gerard Depardieu (actor): rape
  22. Johnny Depp: (actor) allegations of domestic violence
  23. Andy Dick (actor): allegations of sexual harassment
  24. Kirk Douglas (actor): allegation of rape
  25. Richard Dreyfuss (actor): allegation of sexual harassment
  26. Micheal Fassbender (actor): allegations of domestic violence
  27. Corey Feldman (child actor): allegation of sexual battery
  28. Errol Flynn (actor): sexual exploitation of a teenage girl
  29. James Franco (Actor): multiple allegations of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct
  30. Mel Gibson (actor): probation for domestic violence & racism
  31. Ceelo Green (singer, actor, music producer): domestic violence and an allegation of rape
  32. Jon Grissom (actor):  1 allegation of child sexual abuse & 1 conviction for ‘child molestation
  33. Emile Hirsch (actor): jailed for assault
  34. Dustin Hoffman (actor): allegation of sexual harassment
  35. Terrence Howard (actor): allegations of domestic violence
  36. Michael Jace (actor): convicted of the murder of his wife in front of their children
  37. Ron Jeremy (actor in pornography): multiple allegations of sexual harassment & sexual assault
  38. Robert Knepper (actor): multiple allegations of sexual assault
  39. Chris Langham (actor): jailed for possessing images of a child being sexually abused
  40. Bruno Langley (actor): multiple allegations of sexual harassment & sexual assault 
  41. Jared Leto (actor): multiple allegations of rape
  42. Johnny Lewis (Actor): murdered landlord & then killed himself
  43. Shelley Malil (actor): convicted of attempted premeditated murder and assault with a deadly weapon of his girlfriend.
  44. Dudley Moore (actor): allegations of domestic violence
  45. Harry Morgan (actor): allegation of domestic violence
  46. Bill Murray (actor): allegations of domestic violence
  47. Jack Nicholson (actor): multiple allegations of assault
  48. Gary Oldman (actor): allegations of domestic violence
  49. Nate Parker (actor): allegation of multiple perpetrator rape
  50. Sean Penn (actor): allegation of domestic violence
  51. Jeremy Piven (actor): allegation of sexual assault
  52. Elvis Presley (singer & actor): allegations of child sexual exploitation)
  53. Lou Rawls (composer, musician, actor): arrested for domestic violence
  54. Paul Reubens (actor): indecent exposure
  55. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (actor): allegations of domestic violence
  56. Eric Roberts (actor): allegations of domestic violence
  57. Mickey Rourke (actor): allegations of domestic violence
  58. Geoffrey Rush (actor): allegations of sexual harassment
  59. Mark Salling (actor): owning images of child rape and torture
  60. Jimmy Savile (Radio DJ, TV host): multiple allegations of rape, child rape & child sexual abuse
  61. Albert Schultz (actor and director): multiple allegations of sexual harassment
  62. Steven Seagal (actor): multiple allegations of domestic violence & sexual harassment
  63. Charlie Sheen (actor): multiple allegations of domestic violence 
  64. Tom Sizemore (actor): domestic violence
  65. Christian Slater (actor): allegations of sexual assault & domestic violence
  66. Wesley Snipes (actor): allegation of domestic violence
  67. Kevin Spacey (actor & director): allegations of sexual harassment and abuse
  68. Sylvester Stallone (actor): allegation of sexual assault
  69. Oliver Stone (director): allegations of sexual harassment
  70. George Takei (actor): allegation of sexual assault
  71. Jeremy Tambor (actor): allegation of sexual harassment
  72. Phillip Michael Thomas (actor):  allegation of domestic violence.
  73. Jonathon Togo (actor): domestic violence
  74. John Travolta (actor): allegation of sexual assault
  75. Ben Vereen (Broadway actor): allegations of sexual harassment
  76. Jan-Michael Vincent (actor): domestic violence 
  77. Robert Wagner (actor): named as person of interest in death of life Natalie Wood
  78. Billy Dee Williams (actor): domestic violence
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