Everyone Knew

Male Violence & Celebrity Culture


  1. Ben Affleck (Academy Award winning writer, actor & director): multiple allegations of sexual harassment
  2. Woody Allen (Academy Award winning writer, actor & director): allegations of child sexual abuse
  3. Eddie Berganza (fired writer/editor at DC comics): multiple allegations of sexual assault
  4. William Burroughs (writer): killed his wife Joan Vollmer
  5. Dallas Clayton (children’s author & motivational speaker): allegation of rape
  6. Devin Faraci (film writer, former editor-in-chief of Birth.Movies.Death): allegation of sexual assault
  7. Al Franken (writer, comedian, US senator, TV host): allegation of sexual harassment and sexual assault
  8. Gary Goddard, (producer and writer): allegation of child sexual abuse and rape
  9. Don Harmon (Community and Rick and Morty creator): allegations of ‘workplace misconduct’
  10. Israel Horovitz (playwright): multiple allegations of “sexual misconduct”
  11. Harry Knowles (Fantastic Fest co-founder & Ain’t It Cool News)  allegations of sexual assault
  12. Norman Mailer (writer): allegations of domestic violence & sexism
  13. Murray Miller (writer for HBO’s Girls): allegation of sexual assault
  14. V.S Naipul (writer): allegations of domestic violence & misogyny
  15. Rick Najera (writer, producer, CBS Diversity Director): allegations of sexual harassment
  16. J.D. Sallinger (writer): allegations of sexual exploitation of teenage girls
  17. Chris Savino (animator & writer): multiple allegations of sexual harassment
  18. Elie Wiesel (Nobel Laureate, Holocaust survivor, political activist, writer, professor): 1 allegation of sexual harassment
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